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DDS is an independant, self supported Directional Drilling Service company located in Celle, Lower Saxony, the heart of the german oil and gas service industry. DDS has bases in Germany and Romania. We provide services to the international oil and gas industry. Our services are avialable also in the HDD and geothermic industry. We diversified Directional Drilling Service with MWD/LWD into Mining and successfully take part in Directional Drilling within geothermic well projects worldwide.

Your Directional Drilling Service Team

Headquarter Germany:   DDS logo
DDS Directional Drilling Service GmbH
Tel: (+49) (0)5141 98610
Fax: (+49) (0)5141 986161
Base Romania:
S.C. Directional Drilling Service S.R.L.
Tel: (+40)-244-519659
Fax: (+40)-244-513761
Base Republic of Kazachstan:
DDS Central Asia Ltd
Tel/Fax: +7 3252 213 865
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